Jay Arehart

Jay is now a Ph.D. student in architectural engineering at CU Boulder, investigating how much carbon dioxide will be sequestered by cement over the next century.


Mayra Corona

Mayra was the Logistics Manager for two bridge repairs in Nicaragua in 2017 and is now pursuing a degree in civil engineering at University of Iowa.


Nate Weger

Nate is now a researcher working in biomass gasification and a teaching assistant for programming classes.


Natalie Jones and Quinn McNutt

Natalie and Quinn built a footbridge together in Nicaragua, graduated in 2016, and are getting married!


Mike Schaefer

Mike built a footbridge in Zambia and is now a postdoctoral researcher at University of California Riverside.


Adrianna Jarosz

Adrianna worked on bridges in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama and is now an environmental engineer at Geosyntec Consultants.

Emily Reeve.jpg

Emily Reeve

Emily was the Construction Manager for the Las Pencas bridge in 2017 and is now pursuing a degree in civil engineering with a concentration in structural engineering at University of Notre Dame.

Las Pencas_SJW-01.jpg

Savannah Washlesky

Savannah built a bridge in Nicaragua with the University of Notre Dame Team and is now a structural engineering master student at University of Virginia.