EIA Bridge Program

Dear Bridge Builder Family,

It's official! The Bridges to Prosperity University Program is now the Engineers in Action Bridge Program! We'll continue empowering today's students to become tomorrow's global leaders by building bridges with underserved communities, but now under a new name. This strategic transition will allow both us and B2P to build more bridges and connect more communities! Huge shout-outs to our B2P family for 12 years of love, to our new EIA family for welcoming us with open arms, and to our supporters for continuing to change the world with us, one bridge at a time :) Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by clicking the links in the bottom menu to keep up with the amazing adventures we have on the horizon!

Finish Strong

In our last bridge building season with Bridges to Prosperity, we completed eight pedestrian bridges in Bolivia and Swaziland! 

Bridges completed by the B2P University Program in 2018 (left to right, top to bottom): Misiòn Mayu, Bolivia (University College London and Duke University); Capaina, Bolivia (Rutgers University); Chavarria, Bolivia (University of Alberta); Gonchu Mayu, Bolivia (University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario); Chosco, Bolivia (University of Colorado Boulder and University of Illinois); Endlebemi, Swaziland (University of Colorado Boulder);  Machacamarca, Bolivia (Pennsylvania State University); Kontshingila, Swaziland (Cornell University).

Start Strong

In our first bridge building season with Engineers in Action, we started by hosting all of our university teams at our annual Bridge Builder Conference in Boulder, Colorado. 

Many of the EIA Bridge Program attendees at our bridge conference in Boulder, Colorado. Photo Credit: Madison Sankovitz