Footbridges result in... 
12% increase in children enrolled in school
18% increase in healthcare treatment
45% increase in fertilizer investment
56% increase in crop yield
75% increase in farm profits
30% increase in labor market income
59% increase of women in the labor market
20% economic return on investment (compared to 4-8% standard market rate)
This level of impact is unparalleled in the realm of community-level development projects!

Rural isolation is a major cause of poverty

Isolation caused by swollen rivers creates barriers between communities and schools, healthcare, and markets worldwide. When the water is high children are forced to stay home from school and fall behind on their studies, rather than risk a dangerous crossing. For people around the world, a river can mean the difference between receiving an education, getting medical attention, and selling goods - or not.

Bridges boost local economy and increase income

When farmers and other community members are able to get to markets and jobs reliably and on-time, ecomonic opportinuties increase. Women can expand beyond household duties, allowing more women to enter the workforce. Farmers can access tools and services, such as fertilizer or seed, outside their communities.

Safe access leads to other solutions

Communities, local and rural governments, and individuals are working on solutions for healthcare, education, and economic opportunity worldwide. But solutions can only be implemented if people have safe access to reach them. Footbridges bring people together, allowing them to access the services and projects needed to live a fulfilled and happy life.