February 2019

Year-End Campaign Recap

We're one month into 2019 and already off to a great start. Our 2018 year-end campaign was a huge success, raising $17,226, exceeding our goal of $15,000, and, more importantly, helping us reach 344 community members. This is a huge first step towards our goal of connecting 4,000 members of underserved communities with nine footbridges this year. We had 148 donors to our campaign, including our top donors:

Deland & Michael Humpherys
Bob Funk & Bill Weber
Aliese Gingerich
Anthony Emigh
Dan Bontrager
Diane Funk & Earl Gingerich
Dorothea Gingerich
Mark & Inez Houk
Jeff & Mary Sue Welch
JZ Engineering

Thank you again to all our donors for helping us make a difference in underserved communities around the world!


In addition to our year-end campaign, some of our university teams took the opportunity this December to raise funds for their own bridge projects. Congratulations to all our teams, your hard work really paid off (no pun intended).

Pennsylvania State University: $2,035
Bucknell University: $700
Duke University: $3,451
University College London: $850
Rutgers University: $909
Cornell University: $2,368
University of Toronto: $432
University of Western Ontario: $105

Sponsor Spotlight: JZ Engineering


JZ Engineering is a structural engineering and sustainability firm based in Harrisonburg, Virginia specializing in a wide variety of projects ranging from pedestrian and vehicular bridges and building structures to solar arrays and green roofs. JZ Engineering is also incredibly dedicated to contributing their skills, expertise, and passion to helping in their community, both local and global, by dedicating over one-third of their time to non-profit projects. JZ Engineering was a major supporter of the Bridges to Prosperity University Program, supporting eight bridges constructed by five different chapters. We are happy to continue our partnership with JZ Engineering as the main sponsor of the 2018 EIA Bridge Builder Conference and one of the top donors to our year-end campaign. You can learn more about JZ Engineering here: johannzimmermann.com

JZ Engineering, thank you so much for your continued support, it means the world to us!

PS: You can find our very own Bridge Program Director, Ethan Gingerich, talking about his experience working on the WV-VOAD bridge replacement program here.

Chapter Spotlight: University of Iowa and Cornell University

University of Iowa - Continental Crossings

University of Iowa - Continental Crossings

Cornell University Engineers in Action

Cornell University Engineers in Action

This month we are highlighting Daniel Zirtzman, one of the University of Iowa chapter's fundraising leads, and Vanessa Martinez, Cornell's design manager. Check out their features here.